About me

Photography and audiovisual production

A little about me

I’m Diana Costa, I was born in Valencia (Spain) and I’m currently living in Berlin (Germany). I love everything related to photography, music, design and audiovisual production.

I studied a BA in Media Studies / Audiovisual Communication (Comunicación Audiovisual) at Universitat de València (2011-2015) and a Master’s Degree in Digital Creation (Máster Universitario en Creación Digital) at Universidad Católica de Valencia (2015-2016). Also, I completed musical studies specializing in violoncello in the music conservatory “José Iturbi” in Valencia (2002-2013).

Since 2014 I do photography –portrait, fashion, architecture and artistic, though I’m interested in product and advertising photography too– and I have also been working in projects related to graphic design, layout, video and motion graphics, 3D and web design. I have work experience in journalism, photography, graphic design, social media manager and online marketing.

Furthermore, I have filmed and produced two shorts –“Cambiar es tu decision” (Changing is your decisión), “Invisible” (Invisible) and the 1st webisode of “Paranoia”- and collaborated in different corporative videos.

If you are interested, just contact me!

I hope you like my work :)